One of a motorcycle’s most vital components is the tyre. Accidents and mishaps have been known to be caused by defective tyres. You can get coverage for third-party liabilities and unexpected mishap-related bike damages by purchasing a two-wheeler insurance policy, but maintaining your bike’s tyres should also be a priority.

In this blog, we’ll be providing nine crucial bike maintenance tips to assist you in maintaining the tyres on your motorcycle.

  • Achieve Proper Tyre Pressure:

Regularly check and maintain the correct tyre pressure, as the user manual specifies. Following the recommended pressure range ensures longevity and optimal performance. Avoid overinflating, which can damage tyres.

  • Maintain Clean Tyres:

Clean tyres are essential for adequate grip and stability. Riding on muddy terrain can lead to debris accumulation, affecting traction on concrete roads. Regularly clean your tyres, especially after rides in challenging conditions, to prevent accidents and collisions.

  • Promptly Fix Tyre Issues:

Avoid delaying minor tyre problems such as punctures or leaks. Addressing issues promptly reduces the risk of tyre blowouts and additional damage to your bike. Timely maintenance can also save on potential expenses covered under a bike insurance policy.

  • Evaluate Grip on the Road:

Quality tyres provide optimal grip, making steering and braking efficient. Over time, tyres wear out, reducing traction, especially on wet roads. Regularly check and replace tyres to ensure consistent grip, enhancing road safety.

  • Fit the Right Tyres:

While stylish tyres may enhance the bike’s aesthetics, ensure they suit your motorcycle. Choosing tyres solely for appearance may compromise performance and safety. Notify your insurer if you change tyres to ensure coverage alignment.

  • Avoid Abrupt Braking:

Sudden braking can be hazardous, causing the bike to topple or skid. Gradual braking prevents wheel lockups and skidding, preserving tyre life. Avoiding abrupt braking contributes to safer riding and extends the longevity of your tyres.

  • Wheel Alignment:

Regularly check and align your bike’s tyres to ensure they are perpendicular to the roads and parallel to each other. Riding over obstacles can misalign tyres, affecting the suspension system. Proper alignment contributes to stable and smooth rides.

  • Rotate the Tyres:

Front tyres typically experience more wear than rear tyres. Regularly rotate the tyres by switching the front and back positions to ensure even wear. This practice extends tyre life and enhances overall performance.

  • Comprehensive Bike Insurance:

While third-party insurance is mandatory in India, it does not cover damage to the insured bike. Opt for a comprehensive bike insurance policy that covers collisions, accidents, theft, natural disasters, and fire. This ensures total protection for your motorcycle. You can use a bike insurance calculator to estimate the costs of insurance. Claims are subject to terms and conditions set forth under the motor insurance policy. *

The efficiency and dependability of the tyres on your bike can be improved with the help of the two-wheeler insurance mentioned above and tyre care advice. When riding, ensure you regularly check the tyres and are aware of any problems with grip, stability, or alignment. Maintaining the best possible condition for the tyres is wise because they guarantee a smooth ride and help prevent accidents and mishaps. Don’t forget to purchase a comprehensive bike insurance policy to handle unforeseen bike repair expenses. Make sure to do the process of bike insurance renewal on time. *

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